Bitcoin/Litecoin Payments


Use LocalBitcoins Platform - Its Quick And Anonymous is a website that allows people to buy and sell bitcoins in many different ways. Local bank transfer, cash deposit, and PayPal are just a few of most popular choices.

Localbitcoins is the easiest way to buy bitcoins quickly and anonymously. It is designed as a peer-to-peer platform, so when you buy bitcoins there, you send dollar amount to bitcoin trader of your choice, using the method of your choice, such as bank transfer or cash deposit, and they send bitcoin back to you.

At the time of writing ID verification was NOT required on LocalBitcoins for buying BTC via local bank transfer or cash deposit into bank account.

There will be nothing on your bank statement indicating that you bought bitcoin. You send money locally, as you would send to a friend who organazies a party, for example. Such transaction will never raise any suspicion from your bank or anyone else who might look at your bank statement.

Easy As 1-2-3!

1. Register on website

2. Pick trusted trader and open a trade with them

3. Receive bitcoins into your LocalBitcoins wallet instantly!

Finally, send bitcoins to your unique bitcoin address given to you at the checkout on King Of Fakes:

Copy-paste this unique order address from King checkout into LocalBitcoins receiving address field:

When bitcoins arrive to your unique order address, your order status will be updated automatically and sent further down to the production line immediately!

All steps required to buy bitcoins take less than an hour! Its the fastest and easiest payment route that exists in fake ID market!

You can always check the status of your BTC transaction on independent blockchain explorer website, making a search by your wallet address!

Alternative ways to buy Bitcoins

1. LibertyX ATMs. Just follow their friendly guide here. BTC ATM is a good quick option if you have one in your area.

2. Coinmama or Coinbase apps

Purchasing Bitcoin is simple with a credit or debit card. Both Coinmama and Coinbase on Iphone/Android allow users to purchase bitcoin with a credit card. After you have clicked "Purchase" on King Of Fakes, the website will display the amount of bitcions to send and the payment address.

The disadvantage of buying though popular crypto apps is that they require ID verification which may take from several days and up to a week or more to complete and your account with them to get approved for buying BTC. Within this time you could have bought your bitcoins on AND have your fake ID delivered to you already with express shipping option!