25 Funny Stories About Fake IDs – Shared By Our Customers


I went to my local bar just to buy food but they had $1 pitchers of beer. I decided to be courageous and order a few. By the time I finished 1, I was so drunk I explained to the waitress that my ID was fake. Luckily, she was a cool sport and let me buy more.


I went to the liquor store with my brother, who was 23 at the time. I didn't know how shopping at liquor stores worked so I was asking the employee working at the front a bunch of questions as to which wine he would recommend most and what not. When I finally picked out what I wanted, the employee didn't let me purchase as my brother forgot his ID and we were checking out together. Good times.


I ordered an ID from China that never came. Some say it's still in Hong Kong. I say I got scammed. Damn Chinese.


I put my real information on my ID and when I went to the club, the bouncer questioned me on it and asked who was the mayor of my town. I forgot his name. You can guess what happened next...


I went to Vegas freshman year of college for spring break. I heard that prostitution was legal there, so I wanted to take full advantage. The mission was a success, but man am I lucky I don't have an STD.


A cop pulled me over and I handed him my fake id. He laughed and joked that he would like to see my real ID. I haven't been so scared in my life.


Once upon a time, circa the early 2000s, back when IDs were simply laminated pieces of paper that you could make at home, I had a whole business revolved around giving them to friends. All was going so well until someone snitched. Now every job offer I get, I have to explain that to them.


NFL Sunday. Packers vs Bears. Huge rivalry game. My squad were pre-gaming in the parking lot with a bunch of old folks. Great atmosphere. By the time we entered the stadium, I was piss drunk. I ended up blacking out and missing the game. Still angry.


This is an easy one. I showed my mom my fake ID thinking that she would think it's cool. She ripped it up in front of me and gave me a whole speech about how I am a failure. Bad mistake. She still brings it up to this date.


I didn't get a fake ID until my junior year of college, weeks before I turned 21. I made friends with the bartender and would tell her stories about my imaginary home town on my fake ID. Boy was she upset when weeks later I used my real ID.


If you are from Denver, then you already know how strict dispensaries are with IDs. One time, I went with my mom and they denied her ID as it was an out of state ID. I had a Colorado Fake ID and decided to pull it out. I was the hero of that day and my mom and I smoked a huge bowl.


Ok, this story is incredibly stupid and no one should ever try and replicate it. Basically, I used my brothers ID and got arrested with a DUI. Cops ended up booking me with fraud as well. No happy ending.


I asked a bunch of frat kids to get me an ID. They spelled my name wrong and used the wrong picture and weight. They put 250LBs. I'm 150LBs soaking wet. Every time I used it, I had to talk about me losing 100+ pounds.


The first time I used my fake ID was in LA. It was at a Drake concert. I wanted a drinking wristband. Instead I got evicted out of the concert.


My fake ID didn't have UV ink. When the bouncer put his flashlight on it, nothing happened. I took a deep gulp. He let me in anyways.


I went to college at WVU. A fake ID is a must. It worked everywhere and was great for two years, but I got overconfident and brought it to the strictest club there. Safe to say it only lasted me 2 years.


I used my ID to supply alcohol for our after prom party. I was so hyped I actually worked, I snuck some alcohol in to prom. My teacher saw me drinking a beer and gave me a friendly nod. I love Mr. Kernstein.


One time I used a fake ID to get a full time job when I was 16. It wasn't fair that my hours would be limited, and I wanted more money. No one ever knew.


I was 19 and my girlfriend was 21. I stole my girlfriends real ID and tried to use it in the liquor store. I told the cashier that my girlfriend was in the car as she was lazy. He asked me to point out the car. I walked there. The parking lot was completely empty. Well played cashier. Well played.


I was 22. I lost my real ID, but still had my fake and didn't want to wait for the DMV. My fake got denied and I had a hard time explaining that I am in fact 22, and I was using the fake because I lost my real ID. No one believed me.


I was 15 when I first got an ID. I adopted a puppy. His name was Peanut. Never used that ID again. I told my dad that he was a lost puppy, and we kept him, but posted lost dog photos. Someone claimed him even though I know that I got Peanut. I was heartbroken and couldn't explain that to my dad. Miss you Peanut.


A friend and I used our IDs at the supposedly easiest bar in town. I got in, he didn't. I passed him my ID after I went outside for a smoke break. It worked.


A buddy of mine once went to local store to get some wine for the upcoming party, with a fake ID of course. The name on his fake was "Bill Clinton". My friend went to the checkout playing cool. After glancing at his ID, cashier asked "Partying with Monica tonight" ?


My sister and me are really look alikes, but she is younger. I was fine with her using my passport, until she showed it at border control in Antigua. So now I have Antigua stamp in my passport but in fact I never visited the island.


My mom was so concerned about my use of fake IDs that she suggested I use her authentic identity document instead. My mom looks truly great in her 50s, but still I believe there is a very obvious difference between us two.