British BBC Reporter Got Fake Passports For 20 EU Countries

It was surprisingly easy to get a fake identification illegally for a reporter of BBC Panorama. The golden era in false documents trade in the Eastern and Central Europe.

Shahida Tulaganova, who comes from Uzbekistan but now has British citizenship, claims that she received a false Czech passport thanks to an advertisement in the newspapers of the Russians in London. A hidden camera captured a broker, a Russian speaking man who introduced himself as Henry, saying he came from Ukraine.

As per vendors words, the fake passport had been copied from the real one, with the photographs replaced. Exact details had not been clear and the British filed a request by post to Czech authorities.

The false travel document was produced within 14 days. The ID stated the date of issue as May 17, 2006, apparently in Brno. It was issued within a short period of time before the authorities introduced biometric passports. Czech national passports can be used exclusively on the territory of the Czech Republic. A police expert was able to determine that identity document was fake after it was subjected to ultraviolet test, and failed.

The BBC reporter has illegally acquired 20 passports of the individual countries of European Union, including Czech, British, French, German, Austrian, Belgian, Lithuanian and Estonian documents.

The reporter originally wanted to get the passports of all 25 EU countries, but after trying to get one passport in Bulgaria, the Albanian gangster robbed her and threatened her with the knife. After this incident Ms Shahida Tulaganova decided to end her fake identity investigation project.