Canadian Boy Asked For a Fake ID on Twitter, Police Responded

This 19-year-old Canadian named Adam is a music performer. Last week, he posted on Twitter a very illegal question: how to obtain a fake ID card to drink alcohol in the United States, where legal drinking age is 21 years.

Many youngsters may have thought of it – but Adam actually did it as he was planning to spend a few days in the United States. He found the idea of going back to being underage for alcohol consumption somewhat frustrating, as per differences in Canadian and USA laws.

Without hesitation, he asked who could make him a fake ID before he left. Buying fake IDs is a widespread practice among young Americans who always find a way to buy alcohol before the age of 21, a legal drinking age in the USA. However, this young Canadian was completely careless because he made his request on... Twitter!

The next day, the Winnipeg Police Department decided to respond to Adam.

"Let us know if you find a source for your identification cards. We're sure the information would interest a few detectives in our department."

To which the young man humorously replied:

"I'll do it, guys."

Then he pushed even further by taking the opportunity to promote his music:

Don’t be like Adam, buy your fake ID discretely… You are attempting to break the law, no need for the whole world to know this…