Dad Is Proud Of His Son's Fake ID Bummer

Curious occurrence involving Fake ID had been reported by Popsugar. Wade Grundmeyer from Louisiana discovered his son's fake ID at the wall of shame in a local liquor store. Instead of feeling incensed by the finding, dad tried to "invoke an inside millennial" within himself, as per his own words. In doing so, he was able to understand his son's motives which led him to get a fake identification online and attempt to buy an alcohol with it. Son and dad were very close and had a good, healthy relationship between them, which allowed for understanding and compassion, rather than anger and condemnation.

As a gesture of fatherly love and support, Wade Grundmeyer made a selfie with the confiscated identity document and posted it on Twitter.

The tweet quickly gained traction on social media platform, attracting many likes and retweets, which made Mr Grundmeyer an online star of his local community. Even his family was a bit jealous of Dad's gained celebrity status, as his post went viral. A number of commenters expressed support and solidarity with Mr Grundmeyer. Some suggested that his son needed higher quality ID so it never gets confiscated, and the comment section quickly turned into fake ID market discussion where Twitter users shared their experiences of buying fake identity cards.

Upon spotting his son's fake ID, local wine store put up an ultimatum: either he leaves his identity document in the store or waits for the police to come and investigate it further, dad reports on his Facebook page. Needless to say, the teenager had chosen the lesser evil and simply run out of the wine store, never to return.

The consequences of fake ID possession and use vary state by state, but in each and every of them forged identification documents are highly popular among youth for typical goal of bypassing age restrictions to buy alcohol or to attend bars, clubs and concerts.