Fake Identification And European Immigration Crisis

Fraud Magazine has monitored some sites on the Deep Web, discovering how fake document trade works.

Fake IDs are at the bottom of the "deep web" market: those who are able to navigate the DarkNet can get one for 400-600 euros for a non EU country or for up to 850 euros if the document is of an EU member state. The price is of course expected to rise if the ID is equipped with additional functionalities such as the biometric chip.

Fraud Magazine is an online portal specializing in geostrategic and security issues, whose researchers ventured into the so called Deep Web for reconnaissance on the possibilities of obtaining fake documents.

"If you know where to go, which website to visit and which addresses to contact, you can do it in a matter of minutes. There is the problem of waiting times and the actual success of the deal, which is not guaranteed 100 percent, but there are certainly those who are willing to take the risk," says the researcher who wanted to stay anonymous.

The factories producing false identity documents are located in Turkey, Macedonia and other Balkan countries, and lately some were uncovered in Greece.

The areas where the migration is more intense have seen a boom in the market of counterfeit documents. Since it is much easier to obtain asylum or political refugee status with documents attesting the escape from a war zone, many migrants who are not necessarily escaping from such a situation, simply forge their identity documents.