False Identity Documents Trade In Europe

When it comes to Fake ID niche, there is a bit of everything on the web. And it has been there for a while. Already in 2008 it was discovered that it is possible to order fake identity documents, including passports and driving licenses of several European states, at a modest cost of 600EUR.

The identity document came by courier and payment had to be made in advance, through money transfer sites. It was also explained that fake driving licenses had been stamped two years earlier and that they had a validity of ten years. It is therefore conceivable that they are still in circulation.

These early Fake ID vendors websites had Verisign seal, which is the mark for reliability on the Internet. Verisign is a company that is responsible for certifying the identity, authenticity and security of websites to protect commercial and banking transactions.

In recent times European false identity trade exploded, acquiring new clients among illegal immigrants. These desperate people turn to dark markets to buy fake identity documents to be able to live and work in EU. In doing so, they risk arrest and imprisonment.

In-depth inquiries by border control make it possible to ascertain that the documents carried by these individuals are counterfeit. Greek and Italian airports are often used as bridges to reach London, were they hope to find work and accommodation.

The business of fake identity documents provided to immigrants in EU is growing strongly, in spite of the slowness with which Europe reacts to immigration and the lack of coordination between the various countries.