Forged Identification Documents Production Lab Busted In Woodburn

A Woodburn man conceded Tuesday to taking part in a ploy that created in excess of 10,000 false government ID cards, including driver's licenses from Oregon and 25 other states, as well as US. Government managed savings cards, false migration records, birth endorsements, marriage licenses and vehicle registration documents.

Miguel Merecias-Lopez, 24 years of age, together with his accomplices used a hidden photograph lab in Woodburn as his production lab, utilizing a variety of high end digital equipment, such as computerized cameras, PCs, scanners, laminators and printers to create falsified documents that they sold across the US, as indicated by court documents.

Merecias-Lopez conceded to production of false records and intent to distribute methamphetamine before a US. Court. He became a suspect of interest in January 2017 after he touched base in the United States from Oaxaco, Mexico. He's in charge of making no less than 300 of the fraudulent IDs, including Social Security cards, resident permits and driver's licenses, as per a request understanding.

Clients paid him in through Paypal, by mail him cash or meeting face to face. Communication between dealers and their customer base was conducted by common digital means, such as email, Facebook and Snapchat, as court documents showed. No special operation security measures were utilized by the gang. They have been operating in the open, without fear of getting caught.

Merecias-Lopez was caught Sept. 21, 2017, when he was pulled over by police in his Toyota Camry next to a parking lot where he headed to finalize some of his deals. Undercover police officer played the role of a customer, and unsuspecting forger took the bait, having agreed to meet him in person.

During the search of his house, there been uncovered a lot of gear which was utilized in the production of fake documents, as the court documents show. Police officers confiscated digital equipment used for fraudulent purposes, including printers, ink, hard drives, note pads, laminators, many security pictures and seals ordinarily utilized on real IDs, and plastic card sleeves. Police say the perpetrator was prepared to generate another batch of 10,000 cards.

Merecias-Lopez, who at the moment of writing, is being detained at the Columbia County Jail in St. Helens, will be tried on June 18th. He isn't a US. citizen and will be deported in the wake of serving his term, as per the request understanding.