How Fake Identity Trade Emerged At The Beginning Of Internet Era

Fake ID business had always been an evergreen business with high demand from certain groups of individuals. With the democratization of the Internet it took to a whole new level.

One of the first Fake ID Internet shop has been discovered by French journalists on the deep web back in 2008. The merchant specialized in forged documents. Some of his prices were:

The least that can be said is that the prices posted on an undisclosed website discovered by the editorial staff can leave any honest French citizen speechless.

After selling fake online diplomas had been discovered, here comes the distributor of fake ID cards. The Darknet website offers to make false administrative documents that include "all required security (UV, variable inks, holograms ....), explain on their site the administrators of this shop. Thanks to our high quality products you can you travel anywhere in Europe - they will pass the tests without problems (...) We are located in France, the work is done by professionals who accumulated, together, more than 17 years of know-how in this art. "

To order fake identity documents, the pirate digital space asked customers to provide "Name, Surname, date of birth, place of birth, size, full address to be shown on the card, a photo ID scanned in color". To receive the documents, one needs a postal address (sic!) and an e-mail address "to send you the photos of the finished work"


Wednesday, August 18, a false documents factory was discovered in Paris. The intelligence director of the Paris police headquarters said he had arrested a 51-year-old man.

Printer, scanner, typewriter, paper cutter, laminator, dry and wet seals from foreign countries and some French prefectures were seized. 23 falsified French and foreign passports, 2 falsified French identity cards, 5 blank foreign driving licenses and many other documents were seized in the home of the "pirate" by the police. The arrested man had already been tried for the same type of offense.

With Belgian neighbors and friends, the Ghent Federal Judicial Police disrupted international network of the distribution of fake tickets and false residence documents. During the searches carried out by police, counterfeit money and fake French and Belgian identity documents were seized. Eight people were arrested, seven are still on the run.

Six people from the Paris region were arrested following the discovery of a large smuggling of false documents. School certificate, medical certificate, rental lease, pay slip, passport, driver's license, national identity card... the police discovered thousands of false documents, sold for the prices between 15 and 20 euros.

Justice And Order

The French law specifies that forgery and use of forged document are punishable by three years of imprisonment and a fine of EUR 45,000 (Article 441-1). The wrongdoing committed by using a document issued by a public administration for the purpose of ascertaining a right, an identity or a quality or granting an authorization is punishable by five years of imprisonment and a fine of 75000 euros Article 441-2.

Penalties which may be increased to seven years of imprisonment and a fine of EUR 100,000 are the forgery or the use of forged documents intended to facilitate the commission of a crime or to provide impunity to its perpetrator. The penalty for this offense is five years in prison and 75,000 EUR fine.

The owners of the shop discovered by French journalists risk five to seven years in prison and 75,000 to 225,000 EUR fine.