November 2017 Crackdown On Fake IDs

Fake ID crackdown operation had been carried out recently in several states across USA. Hundreds of fake IDs were confiscated in Morgantown and charges were pressed against the individuals possessing them.

Though police took harder stance on the matter, several students interviewed by MDTV do not believe it may deter youngsters from using fake IDs. As per their estimation, this only means that the quality of forged IDs will become higher as the market adapts to harsher conditions. The desire to drink and party is not going to just evaporate, and college students still would be willing to accept certain risk while pursuing their goals.

Its easy to get a fake online or even directly on campus, as information about reputable ID vendors is spreading by word of mouth as well as through dedicated online communities. Forged IDs often have surprisingly high quality, they scan, bend and pass back light test.

Other students are less willing to risk criminal conviction associated with a possession of fake ID, and also take into account significant monetary loss if their ID is confiscated. But this stance is less popular.

Police officers admit that more and more high quality, realistic looking fake IDs are coming into USA from countries like China and India. Improved false ID quality that is attained by means of advanced technology makes it more difficult to discern them from real government issued identity documents.

To conduct the sweeps, local law enforcement cooperated with state Alcohol Beverage Control Administration and a number of local businesses.

Meanwhile several Starkville bars got in trouble for selling alcohol to minors, reports Reflector-Online. It is believed that bar personnel was not aware that the IDs shown to them upon alcohol purchase were fake. Compliance check was carried out by The Mississippi Attorney General’s Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement Division.

According to the Mississippi Attorney General Office, individuals who receive a citation and are convicted for minor in possession and fake ID face a fine between $200 and $500 and must complete up to 30 days of community service.