Stupid Mistake In His Fake Passport Led A Man To Jail

Hilarious incident involving a fake Czech passport was reported by

One Ukrainian man wanted to travel as a citizen of the European Union and so he bought a fake identity document to pose as a Lithuanian citizen, in which case he could travel freely within European Union.

The man paid 1500 euros and received a document with a mistake that could not be ignored by border control officers when trying to enter Germany. The passport stated that the expiration date would be "55 July 2018". The officer said in the statement that "even with the generous interpretation of the Gregorian calendar, we will not be able to wait until July 55". In addition, the man had a false driving license.

The Ukrainian is facing charges of illegal border crossing and counterfeiting of official identification documents. He is now in German custody and is to be returned to the Czech Republic.

The question is, did he even check the quality of his fake ID upon delivery? Had he noticed the error and decided to try anyway? We will never know...