Learn The Proper Way to Take Your ID Photo

The photo you take is the most important part of the id making process. Sending a bad photo will make even the best ids easier for bouncers to pull. Our photoshop workers can only do so much so learn how to take the best photo possible so you spend your hard earned money on a product you love as much as we do.

RULE #1 - Use a BLUE or WHITE backdrop only.

If the background color is not solid or is too similar to the persons clothing it makes it hard to properly remove them and place them on the template.

Rule #2 - Use a High Quality Camera

Most customers choose to use their cell phones to take pictures which will work as long as you use the pre installed camera app. Third party apps like snapchat compress the image and do not take photos of high enough quality to be used. Please use the default camera app if you are using a cell phone.

RULE #3 - Wear Contrasing Clothing

Wear dark colored clothing that contrasts the background.

RULE #4 - Keep Hair Tidy

Comb your hair and try to avoid having any fly aways as this makes it harder for our photoshop experts to properly edit your picture. Try using gel or other hair products if you can not keep your hair tidy for the photo.

RULE #5 - Keep Head Pointed Straight

Take the picture with the camera at eye level, making sure to triple check that the subjects head is not titled.

For additional help refrence the video provided.

Have ID Photo Ready?

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