KingOfFakes Privacy Policy

1. Personal Data Safety

We take your privacy very seriously. All personal info provided by you on order form will remain on our secure servers until your order is fulfilled, and will be permanently erased shortly after. Your ID is a private matter between you and KingOfFakes. Under no circumstances we would disclose any detail of your order to the third parties. All logs of email or chat  communication with our support team, along with their corresponding IP addresses, will be deleted after the order closure as well. We take great care to store and process all your information securely, to minimize the risks of it being compromised.

2. Payment methods

In line with our privacy policy, secure and private payment methods such as Bitcoin and Wire Transfer are offered to all KingOfFakes customers.

3. Refund policy

Due to the nature of Fake ID business, all orders that have been placed and paid for are non-refundable. However in the event that we misprint your ID (doesnt scan, wrong birthdate etc) we will reprint and reship you another set of IDs at no additional cost.

4. Age requirements

KingOfFakes is only able to fulfill the orders for individuals under 23 years old. All placed orders for persons that look clearly older will be automatically rejected without refunds and IP addresses from which they originated will be permanently banned from website.

5. Website logs

To prevent fraudulent orders and to resolve the unlikely, but possible order issues, KingOfFakes reserves the right to log all visitors IP addresses, their browser make and computer operating system info. These records are stored securely and anonymously for the duration of 1 calendar month, after which they are erased without any possibility of recovery.