British Columbia

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This is my third order and I am still very satisfied. Support reacts very quickly to custom requests. Delivery took 10 days with standard shipping option. Quality is as good as usual.

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British Columbia

British Columbia is a popular state to purchase for anyone wishing to drink and smoke in Canada or for use in any of the dozen border state between Canada and the United States.

This id itself is a work of art. We start by using a sheet of teslin to print the template with your picture. Since the government of BC opted not to add holograms to this ID they choose another advanced security feature rarely seen on ids, Lenticular printing. We etch a lenticular portrait of each user on the top corner of the id. We then encode each barcode and magstripe so they scan and swipe properly.

Who is this ID is perfect for?

Anyone using this ID in Canada should have no issues. Our expert bouncers have told us they think this ID would also work perfectly in border states like Washington and Michigan but we suggest you get those ids instead if the primary use will be in the states. Some high end clubs in the United States do not accept foreign ids so it is best to stick with a Canadian id in Canada and a US id in the United States.

Things to remember

The drinking and smoking age in Canada is only 18. If you plan on using this in the United States make sure the age is 21.