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California is one of our top selling fake ids for good reason. California is the biggest state in the country with over 39 million people calling California home. Adults use California IDs all over the country to buy alcohol and access adult venues. With a fake drivers license from California, bouncers will not be suspicious at all.

Our team bouncer Chad rates it as one of the top 10 states to get a fake id from. Chad tells us that because of California’s high security features such as raised text most bouncers think it is unfakeable.

Many fake id makers do not even sell California because of its difficulty. Luckily for the consumers we are here and are able to offer almost every state for sale thanks to our knowledge and expertise in making fake ids.

If you and your friends want the best possible experience order a King Of Fakes California. We guarantee it will work or you get your money back.

Best Bars in California For Fake Identification

California never sleeps. It’s only natural that it houses a large number of hip and modern bars for students with fakes. Here are the ten best bars in California.

1. 370 Common

This bar offers a Buy Your Friend a Drink Board. You can purchase a drink for your friend, write his name on the board and he can claim the drink any time he wants to as long as he has a fake id. The best-sellers here are White Flag and Dazed + Confused.

2. Shady Lady Saloon

The country’s biggest seller of craft Olympia beer serves simple, classic American dishes like cheddar biscuits and mini corndogs. The best thing about this bar is its live band playing only jazz, blues, and country music. Old Fashioned is the best-seller here.

3. The Pub at Golden Road

This bar, which is located at a prime spot, has a popular outdoor patio which is naturally a customer-magnet. It serves great beer and mouth-watering cheeseburgers.

4. The Wellesbourne

This Victorian social club-like bar has a formal menu and serves fancy, vintage drinks. The presence of a library, game room, and large sofas give this bar a homey and rustic atmosphere.

5. Prohibition

This 1920s-themed bar sounds dangerous, exciting, and fun which are all true except for the ‘dangerous’ part. It’s currently implementing a first-come, first-serve policy and does not accept any bookings.

6. The Well

The presence of a jukebox and the abundance of fruity cocktails give this bar a chill, fun vibe with Old Hollywood glam. Hanging out at this bar gives instant relaxation and quality downtime to customers.

7. Eveleigh

This bar is as elegant as its name. With an herb garden and a rustic, romantic theme, Eveleigh has that countryside feel to it. It’s only natural that Summer Sangria is one of its best-sellers.

8. Bosscat Kitchen and Libations

This quirky-named bar specializes in comfort food, bourbon, and whiskey. The menu also contains cocktails, craft bottle brews and even whiskey-glazed dishes which are actually good.

9. Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

This vintage, 70s-inspired bar is perfect for lazy, laid-back afternoons with friends. Though it offers several cocktails, its house beer and frozen tropical drinks are the customers’ favorites.

10. Ironside Fish & Oyster

Though it’s known for its intricate-designed and delicious seafood dishes, this joint’s selection of 50 cocktails, 16 beers, and 90 wines makes it one of the best places to grab a drink from.

King Of Fakes California ID will work perfectly in all of these places or any other venues of your choice!