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I’m very pleased. Express delivery didn’t even take a week, and the ID looks great. I’ve got with it everywhere so far, this has really paid off. The support from this site is very fast and competent. More than satisfied!

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Enter any bar or club like a boss with King’s Delaware ID! Do not risk getting caught with low quality fake made in a dorm room! Such fakes are easy to spot even for Chad: he is not Ph. D. but he was not born yesterday either and after seeing hundreds of IDs a day during his career, he can easily notice if something is wrong. Add some behavioral cues and a bit too young appearance in the mix, and his verdict will be strict and merciless. Respect Chad, don’t take a piss – secure you free and easy entry into the venue with premium class identity card designed and printed by King!

Delaware fake ID from King is so damn good that it is outside of bouncer’s “reasonable responsibility” to check it. We tell you this because we know for sure. Delaware ID looks and feels right, with all security features on it. With this ID in your hand you can get anywhere your heart desires… if you behave right:

– dress like an adult

– act like an adult

– don’t pick the fights

– don’t get blackout drunk

Tl;dr: do not make trouble and you’ll be fine. While you are drinking in that bar, you are making them money, so it is in their interest to have you around. Just don’t act like an asshat and make sure to invest in a high quality Delaware ID.



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