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Absolutely awesome ID. Took about a week and came in an envelope without a logo or something (was afraid my parents would notice). ID looks absolutely real, so far no problems with it, can go anywhere!

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Our team bouncer Chad was the most excited out of all of us when we decided to release our Georgia drivers license. We did not see what all the excitement was about at first but we soon realized that Georgia is one of the most under rated fake ids that is sold. Not only is Georgia a bordering state to Florida and South Carolina, it is also under faked.

Georgia has been ignored as a fake id for a long time because of its advanced security features. With kinegrams and raised text making an in state passable GA id has not been possible until just recently.

Last year King Of Fakes acquired the equipment needed to start producing Georgia and we released it in March of 2017. Since the initial release we have been overwhelmed by orders and have been expanding ever since.

Bottom line, if you live in Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina you need this id. If you want to party in clubs and get black out drunk there is no better option than a King Of Fakes GA.