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Order came fast, support answered quickly and our IDs look great. Thick plastic card like a real driver’s license. Smoking and buying alcohol is no problem, bouncer also fell for it, was no problem at the bar. King’s ID is the bomb. The purchase was very worthwhile. 5 stars for you!

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If you ask college kids what fake id they have most will say Illinois. In the past Illinois was one of the worst states to have as it became known as a popular state to fake. In 2017 everything changed when Illinois updated their license design.

The new Illinois drivers licenses have been completely changed. Instead of the dated PVC ids they changed to using thin paper with micro perforations.

What does this mean for me?

In simple terms this means that the new Illinois id is extremely rare. To see a real one let alone a fake one is very unlikely so to bouncers these ids must be real since no one could have possible faked them yet. Until now.

The moment these ids came out we had our team get a copy and make a template. We are one of only 2 sellers to currently produce the new Illinois id and the competitions product sucks! If you are interested in purchasing an Illinois fake id we are the best choice.

Best Place For Fake IDs: Howl at the Moon

This casual bar is pretty well-known for its unique concept of dueling piano bars. It has two complete sets of musical instruments and the band members play different music styles. They also take song requests from customers- they don’t even require tips. It has overflowing talents on stage which basically guarantees a great musical experience for King Of Fakes customers. Howl at the Moon frequently holds raffles where a lucky customer might win free appetizers, a large bucket of beer or a happy hour. This bar accepts table reservations online which is pretty convenient if you have a fake Illinois id. This place is intimate but large enough to dance around in.

Even though there’s a cover charge of at least $10, the food and drinks here are not that expensive. It serves several different flavors of their best-selling ‘bucket of paradise’. Even if the bars get crowded, the bartenders will not make you wait that long- they’re very fast and efficient and rarely ask for id. The staffs here are really skilled and accommodating for patrons under 21 with a Illinois fake id.

Although this bar caters to all ages if you have a King Of Fakes ID, majority of the regulars are college students. With talented and versatile musicians performing on stage, strong drinks, and an overall entertaining and chill atmosphere, Howl at the Moon is the perfect choice for an awesome night out with friends or a date with someone special. Because a lot of college students are coming in every night and it has a pretty fun and entertaining vibe, it’s not that hard to meet someone amazing in this bar if you have a Illinois fake id.