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5 stars for world-class support, always fast, friendly and helpful:) ID came after 2 weeks (payment with crypto) and it is as I expected, top quality, super clear print.

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An Indiana fake id is the perfect state for anyone in the Midwest. Located between Illinois and Ohio it can be used in both states without any weird looks. One of the biggest tells of using an out of state id is what state you are from. If you are using a Florida id in Indiana it is likely to raise some suspicions. By using an in state or bordering state like Illinois or Ohio you can increase your chances of passing at strict venues.

What should I get?

Chad recommends our Indiana customers either purchase an Indiana drivers license or our new Illinois id. The new Illinois drivers license design just came out in 2017 and we are the first company to fake it!

We spent many hours working with advanced photo editing software to make Indiana ID template look perfect. We researched and picked the best materials to print it out. This resulted in a great fake that can be found exclusively at King’s. As per usual practice, we asked our bouncer Chad if he can tell this fake from the real one. Chad had been transfixed by the perfection of this ID and could not talk at all until we poured him some Vodka.