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Maine is an exciting state with many 21 and over activities. You can now participate in these activities with a Maine fake id!

Here are some interesting things about Maine that make it one of our favorite states!

  1. Maine is only one syllable. This is perfect for when you are drunk and slurring words!
  2. 90% of the countries lobster is caught in Maine. I enjoy my lobster with red wine.
  3. The official state insect is the honeybee. Thanks to bees we have mead! If you have never tried mead before order it with your king of fakes Maine id.
  4. Maine has 542,629 acres of protected parks. Our customers recommend taking a picnic with wine.


The critical moment of fake ID usage is passing by security stuff. You would want to learn the answers to likely questions that bouncers may ask about your identity. You can still get busted even with professionally made, real looking ID card, if you forget your falsified address, birth date or even astrological sign! Some bouncers have good experience-based intuition, others can feel people’s vibes, and then there are those with great attention to detail – hence, in addition to quality fake ID, you need to know well your made up personal details, smile and radiate confidence!

Getting into Bars Using a Maine Fake ID

Producing and successfully using a Maine fake ID is quite easy nowadays. With today’s technology and the unmatched photo-editing skills of a millennial, you can absolutely create a real-looking ID in minutes. You have to make sure that you’ll be using a good picture ‘cause that’s the most noticeable thing on a Maine fake ID. It should also be easy to scan. But the most important thing is to be confident and avoid looking obvious upon presenting the ID to bouncers.

These 18+ bars are absolutely perfect for young college students:
1. Port City Music Hall – This cool dance club will never make you wait for a drink- it has three bars- one downstairs, one on the second floor and one for preferred seating area. They offer affordable beers and cocktails. All the popular touring bands perform here.
2. One Longfellow Square – This is a venue for live music and other types of performing arts like comedy acts, films, etc. They serve wine, beer, and cocktails at affordable prices. This place is pretty spacious that you can have a nice, comfortable dinner and then head to the dance floor after.
3. Bayside Bowl – This place is definitely perfect for young bar and club-goers. It has a top-notch bowling alley, a rooftop bar with an amazing view of Portland, a burrito stand, and a restaurant where live music is always playing. Everything’s pretty cheap here, too.
Always remember that when using your Maine fake IDs, it’s crucial to be wise and responsible so no such thing as trouble and misunderstanding will arise. That ID will be your ticket to lots of lively and memorable nights ahead of you.