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I bought it with Bitcoin on Thursday and on Monday the ID was in the mail. I am very satisfied with the quality and the support is very fast and friendly. 5 stars from me and a big praise to the friendly and competent support staff who advised me so well 🙂

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Downtown Baltimore has some of the best nightlife in the world. They do not call this “Charm City” for nothing. With a Maryland fake id you can experience the most exciting nights of your life!

Whether you are an avid partier who bar hops four time a week or a casual drinker who enjoys wine in bed a fake id will make this possible.

How good is this id?

We are confident to say our Maryland id is the best for sale. We included security features in this product our competitors could not replicate because they do not have the experience we have. These features include lenticular printing, raised text and engraving.

Does this scan?

Every id we sell is guaranteed to scan or we refund your money! To make ids scan we purchase real ids and decode the barcodes using a custom program exclusive to king of fakes. This program strips away the data and allows us to change the name and date of birth without destroying the state issued format.

The next time a cashier scans your id remember, King has your back.