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Got the ID today and everything is as expected. Looks so real, I’m curious about the first use this Saturday. Delivery took 15 days.

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According to our team bouncer Chad, Massachusetts is one of the strictest states to use a fake id in. Many cities have implemented the use of box scanners.

What is a box scanner?

Box scanners are a fake ids worst nightmare. When a bouncer or clerk inserts a fake id into a box scanner it records the tiniest variations to a database of real ids. These variations are impossible to replicate and your id will be taken.

How do I beat a box scanner?

The only ids that are not scanned using a box scanner are in state Massachusetts ids. To beat a box scanner you need to use a fake in-state id. For our customers located in MA we suggest you purchase our Massachusetts id. If you buy one of our different states, while it may be cheaper, bouncers are much more likely to take your id and you will be forced to buy again.