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I bought 3 IDs with Bitcoin and everything arrived on time. Quality and templates are superior, support very fast and friendly, giving clear answers and not mudding the waters. IDs were in the mailbox 14 days after payment. Everything worked out very well, good quality, delivered quickly.

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This product is a popular choice for students in Illinois and Iowa who do not want an in state id.

Our team bouncer Chad has shared that Illinois is one of the most common fake ids. When bouncers see Illinois ids they immediately become suspicious. Instead of having to risk the extra scrutiny of having an Illinois id or another mid western state we suggest getting a Missouri id instead.

Our Missouri ids are printed on teslin which is a thin and flexible paper. This paper allows our ids to pass a bouncer test called the bend test. This is a popular test that Illinois ids fail but Missouri ids pass.

If you plan on spending time in Missouri or other mid western states we suggest purchasing our MO id.

Best College Bar For Fake ID Use in Missouri: Up-Down KC

This 21+ arcade bar is practically heaven for college students who have purchased fake ids. Customers will never get bored in this bar- there’s a wide selection of fun games and activities for everyone to enjoy. Up-Down KC has at least 50 arcade games from the 1980s and ‘90s including Star Wars and Simpson’s. This bar also has 4 Skee-ball alleys, Pinball machines, life-sized Jenga, Nintendo 64 console gaming, and Connect Four. Each game costs only 25 cents so it’s affordable and people can have a great time playing games without spending too much. There are special nights like every Saturday till 9pm, tokens are sold for just half the original price just like King Of Fakes sales.

This bar also has an extensive selection of 50 craft beers on tap- not including those in bottles and cans. There’s a full bar so cocktails are available, too. This place is known for its delicious and quirky pizzas like their famous Mac and Cheese pizza which is definitely a must-try! It’s nice how this place has attentive and hard-working staff. It’s a plus that everything’s affordable.

It’s a great place to chill and hangout with your friends using a fake id. It’s perfect for relaxation since playing retro games can help you unwind and reminisce all the good times during your childhood. This bar is also an amazing place to meet cool people who share the same interests as you. The cool, relaxing, and vintage ambience of the bar is absolutely the best if you want to get to know someone better.