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King did a really good job updating his NJ ID to be as close as possible to instate passable. I'm sure it will pass here on the east coast without a doubt. Upping the quality of the microprint isn't necessary but would make this ID a solid 10/10. He had some problems recently with getting ID's out, but he's back in action and I'm liking what I'm seeing. I would recommend this for anyone on the east coast.

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New Jersey ID is one of the best on the market. When it arrives in your mail, you’ll be amazed about the quality of microprint and holograms. New Jersey ID is your surest bet for anything alcohol related. Liquor store, bar, nightclub, concert venue… anywhere, really! We know because we tested. This ID is your pass to freedom of adulthood. It will never fail you, like it never failed us. It looks and feels just like your real government issued ID (just make sure to have a good picture), so Chad will only have a brief glance and let you in. There is absolutely no reason for further scrutiny as there is no slightest doubt in it’s authenticity. Make sure to match up your perfect New Jersey ID with confident behavior, appropriate attire and good manners.

Best Bars in New Jersey

Known to be the birthplace of modern inventions, New Jersey is also home to the most interesting and innovative bars. Here’s a list of the 10 best bars in New Jersey.

1. The Riverside Inn

This bar, also called as “The Dive’, is quite known to be one of the friendliest bars around. The prime rib here is a must-try!

2. The Stirling Hotel

This versatile bar has a beautiful, tiny bar with tables, a dining room, and several outdoor bars. Its homemade chips and Tavern burger are the best-sellers here.

3. Tír na nÓg

This cozy, authentic Irish bar has a dart room for fun game nights and a mini-stage for live music at night. This homey bar even uses road signs from Ireland as decoration.

4. The Boat House

This two-story hangout place is one of the most interesting bars in New Jersey. It’s decorated in everything boat-related including paintings, signs, fixtures, and even model boats.

5. Coconut Grove

Previously known as the White Bridge, this unique bar has a tropical theme and an amazing waterfront deck. Although it’s pretty hard to find especially if you’re not a local, this bar will definitely give you a great time.

6. C-View Inn

This gentle-looking bar is a favorite of the locals. It’s located in an old but beautifully vintage building. Its garlic wings and prime rib sandwich are definitely a must-try!

7. The Continental

With its 50s theme and resort aesthetic, this gorgeous place is perfect for people who want to relax and just chill. Customers can also enjoy the oceanic views from its patio- while sipping cool champagne and vodka cocktails.

8. Pilsener Haus and Biergarten

Dubbed as the most popular bar in New Jersey for 2017, this place was always jam-packed for the most part of last year. Although famous for its Spaten beer and Wienerschnitzel, the most in-demand entry on their menu is surprisingly pretzels.

9. Porta

Although famous for its Neapolitan pizza, it also serves amazing risotto, salad, and pasta. If you’re not up for their odd but amazing cocktails, their wine and beer are also great.

10. Watermark

Overlooking the beach, this picturesque bar is perfect for chilling and just lounging on their comfy couches on the balcony. This bar is famous for its sumptuous tapas and interesting cocktails. It’s so fancy that a dress-code is strictly implemented here.

Walk into each of these places like a boss, proudly presenting your New Jersey ID!


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