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This ID s much better than idgod and the template is almost 1:1. I am more than pleased with this NY it looks very sexy and have used it all across New Jersey including North Jersey with ease. This template is easily the best on the sub. With idgod shipping delays this is a fantastic option to have if you want a bomb NY in under 1 weeks. I can not thank King Of Fakes enough for this product and I hope all my critiques can help improve the id although it is already in state passable.

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New York fake ID is pivotal to a successful social life in college. If you are tired of those awkward house parties and sick of trying your luck at sketchy underground bars, it’s time to invest in a quality New York fake. For people under the age of 21, fake ID is a beacon of light and a chance for fun-filled, booth-fueled, memorable nights out.

Make sure to memorize all the info on your new ID really well. Make it feel like your second nature. Imagine yourself an actor, or even a spy, and practice in front of the mirror. If questioned, your answers should be fast and smooth. Stumbling on your address is a dead giveaway! Other than that, be friendly, smile and act as an adult.

Best Bars in New York That Accept Fake Id

New York has an incredibly fascinating night life. The city has countless of bars- each offering a different kind of experience. Of course, some bars are more memorable than the others. Here are the ten best bars in the city of New York where you can use your King Of Fakes ID.

1. BlackTail

This Cuban-themed restaurant has a whopping 50-page menu with five sections; sours, highball, punches, old-fashioned, and cocktails. Its Cuban fries and cocktails are the best-sellers here.

2. Tørst

This bar is perfect for beer lovers and fans of the Scandinavian cuisine. It has a wide range of drinks- you can spend as little as $15 and as much as over $100 per bottle.

3. Pouring Ribbons

This bar is known for its novelty cocktails. It also has a selection of 15 different bottlings and is known for its cozy surroundings.

4. Sweet & Vicious

This dive bar is a rare sight along the top shopping destination in New York – Soho. The lovely back patio and deliciously cold and frozen margarita are just one of the few reasons to hang out at this bar.

5. Clover Club

This Victorian-themed bar is one of the first bars to introduce craft cocktails in Brooklyn. The bar was designed with comfort and coziness as the top priority – and it definitely paid off because people keep flocking to Clover Club.

6. Attaboy

This menu-free bar is perfect for cocktails lovers and newbies who are trying to find the perfect mix for their fancy tastes. The slim space inside the bar gives it an intimate, warm, and laid-back feel.

7. The Dead Rabbit

This posh bar has its first floor for beer drinkers, the second floor for fancy cocktail lovers, and the third one for private parties. The Dead Rabbit is a perfect definition of class and impeccable quality.

8. The Nomad Bar

This one’s a game-changer when it comes to hotel bars. With a library vibe inside, a low-key menu, and a wide variety of popular cocktails; The Nomad Bar screams fancy, yet simple.

9. Death & Co

This is the house of craft cocktails and classic drinks. With top-notch bartenders and sharp attention to every single detail, you’re guaranteed to experience one of the best night-outs of your life at Death & Co.

10. Maison Premiere

One of the earliest fancy cocktails bars built in New York, Maison Premiere can still compete with the newer and more modernized bars. With a skilled staff, locally sourced brews, and aesthetic interior, this bar definitely got so much better with age.

After having ordered a real looking fake ID from King, all these places will let you in without any problem whatsoever!


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