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I am very pleasantly surprised! Payment via Western Union was uncomplicated, shortly after came the shipping confirmation and the next week I got my ID in the mail 🙂 I didn’t expect such a fast delivery! Quality is super and the card looks very convincing 😉 Looking forward to the weekend! Thank you, I definitely recommend you!

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Our in house PhotoShop team has just finished the 2017 updated new Pennsylvania template and it is faultless. As usual King Of Fakes is the first company to release this new design with all of the proper security features.

Our customers have come to expect the best ids possible so we are determined to keep delivering.

How good is this id?

The first week we released nPA we sent out review copies to resellers at Upenn to test out in Philly and they came back blown away. The nPA’s passed without question and every single copy sent out has not been taken yet.

Should I get this if I live in or near Pennsylvania?

Yes you should. This is the best id for Pennsylvania and will work everywhere including downtown Philly without bouncers asking a single question. You will be thankful you ordered from King Of Fakes when you try nPA for the first time. Order now.

Best College Bar For Fake Ids : Tattooed Mom

Built over 20 years ago, eccentric and fun is the best way to describe Tattooed Mom. Although it’s a 21+ bar, people below 21 years old are very much welcome with a fake id. This hipster bar has walls covered from top to bottom with awesome graffiti and stickers. The rooms are decorated with quirky but homey furniture. Upon entering this interesting bar, you can go downstairs to the dining room or just stay upstairs where the bar and several pool tables are located. This bar has an abundant amount of little toys like board games spread around on each table. It also has craft supplies which customers can create drivers licenses with during Craft Day which is usually on Saturday.

This artsy place has great food and drinks. Their food menu mostly consists of appetizers and sandwiches. They even serve affordable vegetarian dishes. They have quirky but refreshing and boozy cocktails like the Tiki Kitty and Pink Cotton Candy cocktails. Everything’s affordable already, just like King Of Fakes, but they still hold specials from time to time like 50% off on a specific dish or drink.

This cool place will surely give you and your friends a good time if you own a fake id. The aesthetic of this bar is great for Instagram photos. It even has old bumper cars sitting on the floor which is a perfect spot for photo-ops with your fakes. The laid-back and artsy vibe of this bar is great for mingling with like-minded people- you might even meet someone really special.