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Twenty Seventeen was a busy year for the Rhode Island DMV. In early May it was announced that the state was updating their drivers licenses to comply with the Real ID act. The Real ID act of 2005 was a bill passed by congress to strengthen the requirements to obtain federal identification.

Prior to the Real ID act Rhode Island was a popular fake id among college kids who wanted to drink. Since the revision it has slowly declined in popularity and very few people thought it could be faked because of its complex security features.

The DMV was no match for our team of experts however. Our bouncer Chad obtained a copy and started getting to work. Within a month we had the a fake Rhode Island ID ready to manufacture.

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Best Bars in Rhode Island For Fake Ids

Being one of the smallest states in the US, it is surprising how you can find a lot of interesting bars in the lovely Rhode Island. Here’s a list of the 12 best bars in Rhode Island to use fake ids at.

1. Brick Alley Pub
This bar is perfect for vegetarians and vegans since it offers dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free food items on their menu.

2. Fortnight
Serving up experimental wine and bar, this place gives off a homey and relaxing vibe. Although one of the newer bars around Providence, it’s already creating buzz among the local college students.

3. Justine’s
With vintage photographs beautifully placed on its walls, this bar is oozing with retro and vintage feels. The prices here are affordable and the food and drinks are divine.

4. Magdalenae Room
With murals of female nudes screaming at you as you enter the bar, this place is anything but wholesome. The velvet booths and candle lights give this place a romantic and charming vibe, too.

5. Revolving Door
This bar has one of the most popular and skilled bartenders around. It has a rotating cast of guest chefs which is partly the reason why customers using fake identification flock to this place.

6. Thee Red Fez
This bar is insanely famous for its sumptuous food and amazing drinks with unique names like Fez Fiz. It’s a dark, secret bar hidden down a side street.

7. Thirsty Beaver
This place is home of the most delicious wings, nachos and of course, beer. This dive bar has one of the friendliest and most welcoming staff so you’ll instantly feel right at home.

8. The Avery
With overflowing drinks and great music constantly playing, this bar has successfully produced that perfect atmosphere- incredibly social but still intimate.

9. The Eddy
This stylish and intimate bar serves unique and innovative cocktails through mixing and matching different strong flavors. It’s also known for its large selection of international wines and craft beers.

10. The Malted Barley
This bar is overflowing with tap beer and serves delicious pretzels and pretzel sandwiches. Among the favorites are their chipotle pretzels and jalapeño-cheddar-stuffed pretzel.

11. The Slow Rhode
This bar uses quirky, small plates when serving favorites like avocado and bacon toast and really spicy Southern fried chicken. It also serves craft beer and cocktails.

12. White Horse Tavern
This two-story bar has a vintage dining room which exudes rich history and charm. Calamari, beef Wellington, and lobster are the crowd favorites at this bar.