South Carolina

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Honestly, if I didn't fuck up when putting in the zip code then this would be my new daily driver when it comes to ID's. It's thicker teslin so It wouldn't raise eyebrows in PVC states and the same applies to teslin states. Passes the bend test. Overall 8/10 out of state and I do not expect to have any issues using this.

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Best Bars in South Carolina For Fake IDs

South Carolina is known for its lush gardens, a hint of European culture, and a beautiful shoreline of subtropical beaches and great fake ids. Now, it’s also starting to have an amazing night scene with numerous unique bars. Here’s a list of the 10 best bars in South Carolina.

1. International Lounge
This bar is known for playing a mix of different music genres like hip-hop, dance, and 90s pop music, and for serving classic cosmopolitans and traditional cocktails. You’ll have a great time here without emptying your wallet.

2. King’s Lounge
This bar’s lakeside pool and billiard tables attract a lot of customers from the young adults to the elderly. Customers can also enjoy an amazing view of the nearby lake from the bar’s terrace while drinking cold beer.

3. Madra Rua
This award-winning bar has a rustic and charming interior which is perfect for quality downtime with friends. Sports fans will also have a great time here since this bar has a television that plays sports telecasts all day.

4. Southside 17
This grill bar is quite known among the locals for serving locally-caught seafood. Tender burgers and club sandwiches are also among the best-sellers here. It’s also overflowing with craft beers and live music.

5. The Belmont
This posh bar is anything but simple. With black and white classic films being shown, film enthusiasts will surely have a great time here. This cocktail bar exudes elegance and sophistication.

6. The Capital Club
This gorgeous bar is one of the oldest ones around town. This upscale bar is perfect for business meetings and gatherings.

7. The Cocktail Club
This has a rooftop terrace which is an instant customer-magnet. This classy bar is known for handcrafted cocktails made with passion and amazing skill.

8. The Frothy Beard Brewing Company
This microbrewery is famous for creating unusual beer flavors. It has a tasting room which is perfect for beer lovers and aspiring brewers.

9. The Sand Shack
This bar and grill has a lot of amenities which is perfect for fun nights with families and friends. It has a dance floor, a Tiki bar located outdoor, a darts room, band stage, and even a volleyball court. Everyone will surely have a great time here with a fake id from King Of Fakes.

10. The Tattooed Moose
This bar is so unique that it developed its own loyalty rewards program. Who wouldn’t love that? They have a wide variety of craft beers and American cuisine. Everything’s also affordable here.


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