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Express delivery took 3 working days, I think its completely ok. I am absolutely satisfied with my ID. The support was very fast and friendly.

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Utah is known for some of the strictest and strangest alcohol consumption laws in the United States. This makes it difficult to use fake ids to purchase alcohol however we have your back!

King, how can I buy in Utah?

This is a good question! Depending on where you will want to buy alcohol from determines what you should expect.

The three places you can legally purchase alcoholic beverages in Utah are,

  1. Restaurants
  2. Clubs
  3. State Liquor Stores

Buying at restaurants

Liquor can only legally be sold at restaurants between 11:30 AM. to 1:00 AM so do not even think about getting a breakfast mojito! Another thing to be aware of is what locals call Zion curtains. You may think these look odd but they were designed by the state to keep bartending out of public view.

Buying at clubs

According to our team bouncer Chad clubs are the best place to buy alcohol. With no time restrictions and expansive menus clubs offer the best atmosphere for binge drink.

Buying at State Liquor Stores

Our team bouncer Chad normally does not recommend buying alcohol at state owned liquor stores however with our new-issue Utah id he has given it the go ahead. We are the first company to sell the new 2017 issue Utah id and we have perfectly replicated the raised text, micro perforations and holograms.