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This ID has been my go-to for the past 2 months of owning it and it has never failed me in NYC (apart from that one time at Webster, but I went with a friend who had a shitty fake, and there’s a bouncer there that supposedly browses this sub). Nor has it failed in Brooklyn or Miami (I went to a few places last weekend). My friend used this one in Vermont and reported that it worked like a charm there too. This Id is well worth the money.

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Your first fake ID is a very important life milestone. You will have tons of great memories associated with it and will look back on it with fondness and sweet nostalgia. Just make sure that you pick a quality Virginia ID – do not try your luck with a substandard product which will land you in trouble. King’s Virginia ID is what many people turn to when they want to party without worrying about security checks. This ID is your safe pass to any venue of your choice, in Virginia state or any other.

Fake IDs open up a whole new world of exciting experiences and super fun times.

Just remember best drinking practice:

– never mix different types of alcohol together during one night out

– make sure to have a glass of water between drinks and before bed

– never, ever drive when drunk and never get into the car of a drunk driver friend

If you follow these simple rules you will be the King of any Virginia bar.

Best College Bar For Fake Ids in Virginia: Peabody’s Nightclub

Peabody’s Nightclub is an 18+ bar but you can still use a fake id to drink. It’s pretty famous for never-ending parties and fun, lively nights. It’s strategically located within walking distance from majority of the beachfront hotels. It’s a great place to chill, drink, dance, and have fun with your friends. This nightclub holds a Ladies’ Night every Thursday where ladies can get in for free and a College Night every Friday where students can get in for free after presenting their IDs. Live music and entertainment can be expected every Saturday. DJs, bands, and other live acts regularly perform at this club.

Peabody’s also has a happy hour from 7-9pm. It gets only the best DJs around and plays nothing but the coolest, newest, and grooviest music. It plays a wide variety of fresh music from EDM, Hip-hop, Dance, Rock, Techno, and even Country. The sound system’s pretty amazing, too. Peabody’s has an incredibly lively and energetic crowd. People go wild and carefree- but never unruly, on the dance floor. Unlike other bars, the club’s energy doesn’t wane until the wee hours of the morning.

The food and drinks are reasonably priced and wouldn’t put a dent in your wallet- especially for college students who just spend $100 at King Of Fakes. Everything’s even cheaper during happy hours. The bartenders, bouncers, waiters-, practically the whole staff, are really nice and accommodating to customers with fake drivers licenses. If you’re looking for a little bit of fun, Peabody’s is the right place for you. You can mingle with tourists and locals here. Everyone’s friendly, energetic and fun.


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