How To Spot a Fake California ID

False IDs is one of the most lucrative crimes out there, perticularly in a large US state like California. California has some of the most stringent false identification laws; although it is not preventing such cards from being produced and distributed. All owners of a business where customers are required to show an ID, need to know the details to look for in a fake. There are several ways to determine a fake California ID, and they revolve around knowing what a real one looks like.


1. Feel the card in your hand. An authentic California Identification card has two layers of laminate sandwich paper card. Holdig a fake one feels lumpy. Lamination that is peeling off in the corners is another dead giveaway.

2. Look at the top of the card: It should say "California" in blue uppercase letters in the bold font. The letters "DMV" - or other legal ID-granting organization - should be on both sides of the state's name in the purple / gold letters behind the gold decors.

3. Check the person's photograph on the ID and compare it to the actual person you are looking at. If they do not match, the answer is obvious - you are holding a fake ID.

4. Carefully verify all the information. The name of ID owner must be placed to the right side of the photo along with their home address, gender, hair color, size, weight and restriction list below. Right of what is the color of the eyes and the date of birth, with the latter in red.

5. Look at the expiration date, which must be indicated above the photo and must be printed in red. Make sure the date is still valid and has not expired. THere should be also present the license number - on the right of expiration date and also in red.

6. Pay attention to the bands on the back side of the card. They are supposed to be a black magnetic and a white. See if one looks like it was tampered with, like the magnetic strip with a black marker or vice versa, the white with white out.

7. Make sure that ID holder's signature is directly below all personal information. Ask the person to sign his / her name, if necessary, to check the validity of their signature.