Useful Info About Fake IDs

Falsifying ID card: Cutting, Slicing, Laminating

Scan, print, cut and paste. Schoolchildren want to tell us how easy it is to forge an identity card, but anonymously. One third of young people use a fake or borrowed card.

For example, a 16-year-old girl tells how she changed her year of birth. "I was born in 1997 so I needed a 6 to falsify it. The identity card shows the date of birth in a yellowish piece, you have to check if you have a 6 in the part of' valid until' because this part is also yellowish".

Nail polish

Then she copied the identity card in color a couple of times. "Then I cut out the yellow 6, as small as possible. After that I have filed the paper as thin as possible with a nail file. After that, it was ready to be glued up: This works best with transparent nail polish."

A student of 17 y.o works more professionally. He has equipment to check the identity card in detail. "I'm smart with computers and just wanted to stay on with my friends. It started with simple scanning and editing, but now we can copy the PVC cards in their entirety. The fake identity cards cannot be distinguished from real ones - only the watermark remains difficult, but we are also starting to get it sorted.

Drinking policies are nonsense

He has already given at least ten fellow pupils a false ID card, although he knows that it is punishable. "But this policy simply does not do anything. Suddenly I can't drink anymore, while a couple of months ago I was allowed to drink. I want them to realize that the policy is not effective in practice. We are smart enough to still get our beer.

The 16-year-old who falsified her own pass found it very easy to do, but also very exciting. She went to the disco with her forged identity card and also used it to get alcohol in the shop. "I don't think that ID cards are being looked at very carefully. Usually they only look at the date of birth and not at the photo, so it is also easy to borrow an ID card from someone else.

60 Dollars

Two other students tell us that they don't want to make a false identity card, but they do know from whom they can buy it at school or order online. "Everyone knows the guys who make false identity cards. But you have to pay for that. At our school, for example, a false plastic card costs about 60 dollars.

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